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1. In Fort McMurray, the first wave of evacuees is returning home after four weeks. These 15,000 residents were emotional while coming back to their ruined city ravaged by wildfires. Though the basic services are up and running, the government is urging residents to carry with them two weeks grocery and other supplies. Residents will return in four phases.
2. Windsor police arrested a man after a shootout incident. During this period the East-End Neighbourhood remained under lockdown.
3. In Ottawa, Liberal party got a jolt when Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo left Liberal caucus to seek treatment for alcohol addiction. Liberal House leader Dominic LeBlanc will assume duties as Minister of Fisheries.
4. In Ottawa, the House of Commons yesterday passed the assisted dying bill with 186 to 137 votes and has sent it to the Senate.
5. A latest survey conducted for a major news channel shows in the last three months the Liberal support has increased and stands at 47% today while the Conservatives have 29%, NDP 14%, Green party 5% and Bloc Quebecois just 4%. Since elections the support of Liberal party has increased by seven percentage points while that of Conservatives has decreased to three percentage points and NDP down by 6%. The support of Green party enhanced by two percentage points. At provincial level, in BC Liberal party has 45% support, in Alberta 31%, in Ontario 50%, and in Quebec 12%, increasing by four percentage points. Meanwhile, the Conservatives lost three percentage points in BC, 5% less in Alberta though they still have 55% support in the province, in Ontario it has reduce to 32%, and in Quebec it is 13% as it came down by 3.5%. In BC, NDP’s support has come down by 10% and so remains at 16%, in Alberta it reduced to 8% and so it has support of 8%, in Ontario it stands at 12% coming down by four per cent, and in Quebec it stands at 17% only, coming down by 8%.
6. Switzerland has inaugurated the world’s longest rail tunnel in snow-capped Alps. It took the country 20 years to construct this 57-kilometre railway at the cost of $12billion, eclipsing Japan’s Seikan tunnel. The passage will enhance trade between European countries. As a major engineering marvel, the whole world is appreciating Swiss engineers for creating this Gotthard base Railway Tunnel.
7. Pakistan’s army chief General Raheel Sharifhas said that the US drone attacks are a violation of his country’s sovereignty. Talking to media he said efforts made to eliminate terrorism during Zarb-e-Azb have gone in vain due to these drone attacks. He appreciated the Pak- China economic corridor and informed security situation in Karachi and Balochistan is improving. On the issue of Afghanistan he said it depends on them how they wish to better relations with Pakistan.
8. Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain has said today democracy is strong in the country and appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s policies. He said Pakistan wishes good relations with India and that is why it cooperated with it on Pathankot probe. He added for sustainable development, a stable democracy is must. Mamnoon announced that Pakistan is on the way to progress as budget deficit has been reduced and trade increased. He said Pak-China economic corridor is the need of the hour and there should be no interference in foreign trade. He stressed for constructive diplomacy.
9. The latest news that Indian GDP has grown at 7.9% and become the fastest growing economy in the world, BJP is taking credit for it. Finance Minister says Arun Jaitley has said this has been achieved due to the party’s good policies and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign tours where he highlighted ‘brand India’ and attracted foreign investment to the country.
10. According to media reports Congress has decided to finally make Rahul Gandhi party president though Sonia Gandhi has still not commented. As Priyanka Vadra has still not joined active politics, Congress has no option except for asking Rahul to helm the party.
11. USA in a recent statement has said that India and Pakistan must follow maximum restraint and resolve border issues amicably.
12. SGCP has been asked to sort out differences between Dhadrianwale and Dhuma who have agreed to initiate talks. SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar has said a committee is looking into the matter and trying to resolve issues between the two sides.
13. Punjab Congress convener Capt Amarinder Singh has said the party will benefit under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership at the national and Punjab level. Calling Priyanka Vadra an asset, he urged her to enter active politics.
14. Former member parliament Mohan Singh joins AAP. This announcement was made in a press conference. However, it is being asked if it is right to include members coming from various parties.

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