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1. At G7 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has urged leaders to toughen stance on paying ransoms as it strengthens hands of terrorists. Though in a joint statement in 2013, G7 leaders had decided not to offer ransom to terrorists but questions are being asked if is it is being followed in letter and spirit? G7 is an annual summit that is attended by the heads of states from Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, Britain, France and Italy. This year topics under discussion would be security, funding, women empowerment, trade, economy and oil. Speaking on this occasion US President Barack Obama said global economy is a source of concern. About Donald Trump, Obama said the world is rightly rattled by the rise of Donald Trump and his attitude is not right. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said G7 must unite to work for its economies together.
2. Former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper and MP from Calgary Heritage has decided to resign from politics. He has several job offers from the US companies. At a PC convention in Vancouver today, Harper will also address members. The convention will be attended by those also who have become MPs for the first time. Conservatives will discuss future policies and who would helm the party. They will also look at the causes of loss in last elections. Though Rona Ambrose is the party’s interim leader, but it will be decided if she can be given this position permanently. PC leader Patrick Brown will also attend the summit.
3. Two police cruisers got damaged as they followed a vehicle in Mississauga that was being driven wrongly. The car finally hit a pole near Hurontario Street and Hurnhamthorpe Road. Both men in the car were arrested.
4. Oil prices are constantly increasing and for the first time since October, the prices have hit $50 per barrel. Amid this global stocks have gone up.
5. Mississauga council is deciding to start a pilot project where taxi industry and Uber X can co-exist in the city. Mayor Bonnie Crombie yesterday announced of lifting ban on Uber for bringing both sides on table.
6. Ontario’s ombudsman Paul Dube will hold investigations in procurement practices in Brampton in wake of new powers given to him.
7. Balochistan’s Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti has announced arrest of six Afghan nationals from the province who were involved in target killings and creating law and order situation in the province. Pakistan’s security agencies were keeping an eye on their actions for some time. He alleged these belonged to Afghan Intelligence Agency that has been lying to Pakistan that its network in not operating in Pakistan. He said if that was the case, what were they doing in Pakistan?
8. For the Women’s Protection Bill, Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology has recommended husbands can beat their wives lightly if they disobey.
9. Pakistan will buy AW139 helicopter from Italian aerospace giant. The price of each helicopter is $10 million.
10. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet ministers are in self-praise mode and highlighting their achievements during two-year rule. Modi has said he has brought about the maximum reforms in two years. However, opposition especially Congress has called NDA rule as a failure government adding it has done nothing to better the lot of common man.
11. Five people have died in Maharashtra chemical factory blast.
12. About 25,000 resident doctors in Delhi go on a one-day strike today. Patients are facing problems and one even has died in a hospital.
13. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has hit Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he is against chief ministers. He alleged when he chants ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ the whole nation follows him. However, when he recites those words, they are for political targeting.
14. India’s Minister of External Affairs will be holding regular meetings with African Heads of Mission to ensure security of Congolese students in India. His comments came after a Congolese student was murdered in Delhi on May 20. India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has also assured investigation in to the case and security for all Congolese students across India.
15. Haryana High Court has stayed order on Jat reservations.
16. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has once again urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately remove RBI governor Raghuram Rajan from his post as he has done nothing to improve the economy.
17. Political leaders in Punjab are saying that AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is not concerned with the issues of Punjab and only visits the province for political gains. The comments came hours after Kejriwal met yesterday with Dhadrianwale and then left.
18. In Bathinda near Jeeda village police killer an alleged liquor smuggler.
19. BJP President Amit Shah has said for Punjab 2017 his party is not formulating a separate strategy for to contest elections in the province but will work hand in hand with SAD.
20. The Ministry of External Affairs is looking into the request of Enforcement Directorate to extradite Lalit Modi from UK to India.
21. Raptors lost Game 5 against Cleveland Cavaliers in NBA Eastern Conference final. The game stands at 3-2. Game 6 will be played on Friday.

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