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  1. NDP leader Andrea Horwath talked to Channel Y recently. During this interview she blamed the Liberals for a bad Hydro plan at the federal level. She alleged the hydro rates are constantly going up and due to this people in the province were facing problems. She also questioned the Liberal plan of privatizing the organization. When asked the hydro bills are being slashed by 25%, Horwath said it is of no use because if the car loan is spread out on seven years instead of five years, the car does not belong to you. It will still remain on lease.

About PC leader Patrick Brown she said he is new in provincial politics and PC party has no plan to tackle the issue of hydro bills. She said only NDP has a plan to save $7 billion on hydro bills. What is the use if during peak hours or day time more money is charged and reduced only at night which does not help people, especially the seniors. Horwath said if NDP comes in power, it will end this distinction and the money thus generated will be passed on to people.

When asked that as a leader though she is very popular why NDP is not as the party does not seem to be getting any seats at the provincial level, Horwath said may be people have forgotten the NDP rule in the province as it was a long time but the true test is not surveys, it is the actual voting time when people decided who to vote for. Currently PC leader Patrick Brown stands at the second position and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne only has 14%-16%: support.  Elections in Ontario will be held in June 2018.

  1. A 42-year-old Australian man who highlighted himself as a 23-year-old Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber online has been charged with 931 child sex offences. Gordon Douglas Chalmers, a Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane lecturer was charged in November for using social media to impersonate the star. He has been using children for sex and so was charged for rape and making child exploitation material. Police have not informed how many children were victimized.
  2. In Pakistan a Hindu woman Zania Kumari was axed to death by a group of unidentified persons. Police said unknown people attacked Zania in Goth and murdered her but the cause of attack still remains unclear. Police have registered a case against the killers. Kumari’s brother Jalo Ram said his sister was killed for no reason by influential people of Balochistan.
  3. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has rubbished reports for agreeing with federal government’s proposal to reestablish military courts for two years. The party was responding to reports that appeared in a section of the media saying the PPP has agreed to the government proposal. Earlier on Finance Minister Ishaq Dar termed a two-year extension in military courts essential to address the issue of terrorism and hoped the PPP would accept government decision.
  4. Outside National Assembly between Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members clashed. It happened when the ruling party’s member Javed Latif slapped PTI’s Murad Saeed after house proceedings. In reply Murad Saeed punched him in the face. Meanwhile Javed Latif also hit at PTI leaders and even dubbed PTI Chief Imran Khan a traitor. Later talking to media, PTI MNA Murad Saeed said the PML-N member calling PTI leader a traitor is unacceptable. PML-N leader Talal Chaudhary also accused that PTI leadership has been targeted its leaders in National Assembly’s premises and calling an elected PM a ‘chor’ that will not be tolerated.
  5. Even in this day and age 1,400 cases of forced marriage were reported in Britain in 2016, a study shows. However, campaigners said a large number remains hidden. Pakistan accounted for 612 cases, Bangladesh (121), India (79), Somalia (47), Afghanistan (39) and Saudi Arabia (16). Only 157 of cases involved potential or actual forced marriage happening in Britain. Authorities have been asked to take action against it.
  6. Exit polls of five Indian states show in UP BJP will win. In Uttarakhand it will secure 40-50 while Congress two seats and others less. In Goa Congress will be on number two position while BJP is slated to win. AAP is only expected to win 0-4 seats.
  7. India Elections 2017: The pre-poll surveys are predicting big gains for BJP in UP and Goa. In Manipur BJP is projected to get 25 seats, 38 seats in Uttarakhand and 19 seats in Goa.
  8. Exit Polls show that Punjab is headed towards AAP that will get 59 seats. In Manipur Congress will win 24, 11 seats may go to others. In UP BJP will emerge as the single-largest party. In Punjab Axis poll is giving 4 to 7 to Akali Dal-BJP; MRC is giving it 7; C Voter 5 to 13; and Chanakya just 9.
  9. In Punjab, Axis poll is giving Congress 62 to 71; MRC 55; C Voter 41 to 49 and Ch 54.
  10. In Punjab, Axis poll is giving AAP 42 to 51; MRC 55; C Voter 59 to 67; and Chanakya 54.
  11. In Punjab, according to Axis poll others will gain 0 to 2; MRC 0; C Voter 0 to 3; and Chanakya 0. ABP Sanjha is giving 55 seats to Congress and 45 to AAP.
  12. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has praised Mohammed Sartaj, father of Saifuddin, 22, who was recently found to be siding with ISIS and preparing attacks in India. The father had termed him a traitor and did not even accept his body for burial. Though Singh showed sympathy to Sartaj and his family on the death of their young son but said the country is proud of such people who do not compromise on national security. Saifullah had left home and studies, and through internet was influenced by the ISIS philosophy. ISIS documents were recovered from his possession recently.
  13. In a Punjab jail, a man’s clothes were taken off and he was also beaten. A video was put on facebook that went viral. Police has arrested four people in this connection.
  14. Congress has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi why it is not responding to attacks taking place in the US on Indians. They said though Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj have been tackling these issues but a statement from the prime minister must also come.



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