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Southasian PULSE Radio Headlines 

On Saturday Malton gurdwara held press conference putting restriction on the entry of Indian officer to gurdwaras or address audience in official capacity

Amarjit Singh Mann talked to Channel Y in this regard and gave further details

It has been alleged Indian govt officials interfere in Sikh issues

Issue of Jagtar Singh Johal and that of 1984 riots was also highlighted

However, some gurdwaras have not joined and also refrained from commenting as they have still not taken any decision

They said gurdwara doors are open for everyone, thus opinion among gurdwara heads is divided

Community also looked annoyed saying they took such a decision on their own

Gurdwara heads clarified decision was taken after consulting with communty

Community fears this will create problems in getting visa and taint India-Canada relations

The decision can also affect Trudeau’s expected visit to India in February

PC party leader Patrick Brown is in India where he has been honoured also

Jag Badwal has said his party does not agree with the decision of gurdwaras in Ontario for not letting Indian officials visit them

Akali leader Sukhbir Badal has also condemned the decision saying gurdwara doors should be open for all

Congress leader RanveerBittu: Such a thing will not be tolerated, BJP also gave similar comments, but AAP hasn’t responded

Weather in Canada still intense with several area still without power, many houses damaged

In GTA more snow is still expected but temperatures are coming down

Temperature tomorrow -1, on Wednesday 2, on Thursday 6, and on Friday 0

in different road accidents, 4 died; in Markham a 21-year-old died on Steeles Ave after hitting pole

On Jan 1st, minimum wage went up to $14/hr, economists are watching it closely

This is a 21% raise but is said to benefit common man; Premier Wynne says decision taken aftet long consultations

Some still think the increase will result in jobs losses in Ontario

Joshua Boyle appeared in court today; he faces 15 charges including sexual assault

His meeting with Trudeau is being questioned and the one who organised it

Treb reports sales less in 905 area, however more data is expected

Treb: Average selling price for 2017 as a whole was $822,681, up 12.7% compared to 2016.

Treb: HPI Composite Benchmark up by 7.2% year over year; overall average selling price up by 0.7% year over year

China questions US action of stopping security assistance to Pakistan for not acting against Taliban, Haqqani group

China says linking Pakistan with terrorism is wrong adding it stands with Islamabad as a friend

Chinese media over the weekend slammed Trump for pressurising Pakistan as it is getting closer to China

Pakistan warns US it can face problems in Afghanistan if thinking of fighting for long in that country

US says wish to fight along with Pakistan for better results in Afghanistan

James Mettis said new strategy for fight in Kabul will be announced soon

Tahirul Qadri announces anti-PML-N campaign from January 17 across Pakistan

Gave 7-day deadline and urges resignation of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif and law minister Rana Sanaullah

In Delhi rift between AAP leaders in increasing; Kumar Vishwas calls Kejriwal a dictator

AAP distances itself from Vishwas saying his conspiracies damaged party

Supreme Court in India to re-examine its 2013 decision that brought law criminalising gay sex

Rahul Gandhi is in Bahrain on the first leg of his Middle East tour, he meet businessmen there

Tribune FIR against reporter Rachna Khaira attack on freedom of speech: Broadcasters body

They demanded withdrawal of charges against Khaira booked under various sections of Indian Penal Code

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