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Southasian PULSE Radio Headlines – July 6 

Canada’s economy added 32,000 jobs last month but unemployment pushed to 6% from 5.8%

In Ontario also the unemployment rate has gone up from 5.7% to 5.9%, in GTA also it went up to 6.3%

Trudeau is in GTA and yesterday he met with Doug Ford at Queen’s Park

Among other important issues, Nafta was also discussed while refugees are making Ontario their home

Trudeau told Ford, Canada has international obligations under UN rules to accommodate refugees

He said perhaps the Ontario Premier was not aware of them and so he was given details

However, after Nafta will jobs be saved or not

Trudeau was asked about a 20-year-old sexual harassment case as reported in media

The matter was recently brought up by CBC, CTV where he was asked this question

Trudeau said he remembered the girl and the incident but he did not make her uncomfortable

Trudeau was then asked then why did he apologise; he replied he did so in case the girl felt uncomfortable

When asked would he say sorry to her today, Trudeau said not sure what does the girl say now

CBC recently tried to contact that girl who told them not to take her name and avoided to make any comment

Trudeau said in such interactions, male member’s perspective should also be taken into account

He was asked twice why an independent investigation is not being held in this case

He was reminded that he sacked two of his MPs and held independent inquiries, Trudeau did not reply

Trudeau came to Brampton on MP Ramesh Sangha’s fundraising yesterday, Channel Y team covered it

Today Trudeau is meeting John Tory who recently asked for provincial and federal funding as refugees arrivals in city

In meeting with Trudeau today, main discussion will focus on refugee crisis, housing problems

Tory earlier said as large number of immigrants are coming to Toronto, will Trudeau do something

All Y Media platforms will keep updating these details

Police still searching Mallory Crescent properties that belong to Bruce McArthur

He has been charged in 8 case and men he murdered belonged to Toronto gay village

Some more body remains have been found; investigators will soon share details with media

Brampton man, 35 is facing 92 criminal charges in relation to 23 burglaries across the city

Christopher Michael Hann charged with 23 counts of break-ins, charged with 7 counts of break and enter

Nawaz Sharif gets 10-year jail in corruption case owning assets beyond income

NAB gave his daughter Maryam 7 years for abetment in the Avenfield Properties case

Sharif wanted the verdict to come with 7 days delay but the court gave decision verdict after 9-month long trial

Sharif has been fined $8 million pounds and daughter fined $2 million pounds

Leaders have also statements: Shabaz Sharif said the verdict is not right, it will come in public’s court on July 25

PML (N) President called it black day in history of Pakistan

PTI’s Imran Khan says this is beginning of new Pakistan adding Sharif lost as there were two brigadiers in JIT

PPP has said it seems that a third power is trying to rig elections

Fifa 2018 quarter finals: France beat Uruguay 2-0

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