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Southasian PULSE Radio Headlines – June 11 

Bank of Canada has increased overnight lending rate to 1.5%

It is up to the bank to keep rates the same or hike them

The bank took this decision keeping in view good economic condition, this is the 4th hike this year

Canada’s economy is good, job market doing fine though things have become expensive

Detailed discussion on economy will be done by Pankaj Monga today

As it will affect real estate market, PK Sabharwal will shed light on it

The move will affect things like line of credit, variable interest rates

In Brussels, PM Trudeau has made a major announcement

He said Canada will command Nato’s Iraq mission by adding 250 soldiers and up to 4 Griffon helicopters for a year

Trudeau said the main challenge is to defeat ISIS, 2nd to establish strong democracy

Under Operation IMPACT, already 850 soldiers including 200 special force officers are present in Iraq

At Nato summit, Trudeau will not have a direct meeting with Trump

During G7 meet also the two did not have good rapport

But Trudeau and Trump met at breakfast meeting where later criticised Germany

He accused Germany of being captive of Russia after they signed gas deal and so under Moscow’s control

Angela Merkel hit back saying Germany is independent country, takes decisions independently

She said the country was once occupied by Russia and she grew up in Communist East Germany

She added today, however, Germany is a free country and makes decisions freely

Doug Ford has brought to fore his latest list announced by Govt House Leader, Todd Smith

He revealed how PC party will work but was questioned on firing Hydro One CEO as promised during election

He was asked why it is not done as Hydro One boss Mayo Schmidt takes $6m salary

PC govt was asked where is it on priority list and Todd said working, opposition asking why not fired

US might put more tariffs worth billions of dollar on China as trade war intensifies

China says it will not stay silent and place retaliatory tariffs on US goods

Ex Pak PM Nawaz Sharif and his daughter are coming back from London, England

They were convicted in Avenfied properties case and will be taken to jail on arrival

However, Nawaz can apply for better class category in jail

Maryam can also get apply this facility but has to reveal annual income of over IRs 600,000

Capt Safdar (R), Sharif’s son-in-law, already in jail can also apply for it

Shahbaz Sharif has announced both Nawaz and Maryam will be welcomed in a big way

A major rally is being organised on their arrival where Maryam will address supporters

Elections in Pakistan are being held on July 25

In Pakistan an important hearing can be held on the issue if religion be mentioned for govt post

Information Minister Ali Zafar: Govt to challenge this verdict as it is against religious freedom and rights of minorities

He said govt deems all citizens equal, cannot allow any sort of discrimination on the basis of belief and religion

He said IHC decision was discriminatory, judges are learned and will rule against it

Human Rights organisations have been asking why a person has to reveal religion to get job

Big news regarding India is that it has become the 6th largest economy in the world ahead of France

India’s GDP will touch $2.597 trillion by year end while that of France is $2.582 trillion

It will be doubled and thus India will become major economic engine of Asia

According to IMF, India’s economy will grow by 7.4% this year and in 2019 by 7.8%

Thus France now has become the 7th biggest economy

India will soon become the 5th largest economy pushing UK behind at 6th position

World’s biggest economies are USA, on 2nd position is China, Japan on 3rd, Germany on 4th

Internet will remain free and fair in India as govt approves net neutrality

Therefore mobile operators, internet providers, social-media companies cannot seek preferential treatment

India-Iran relations can get soar as Tehran wants New Delhi to invest in Chahbahar port and keep buying oil

US has warned India against it as it slapped sanctions on Iran and cut ties with Tehran

Though US gave some concessions to India but is now asking it to severe ties

Iran is the 3rd largest oil supplier to India, others being Iraq and Saudi Arabia

India bought 18.5 million tone oil from Iran last year but USA wants India to buy nothing at all from Tehran

If India does not comply, USA can tighten noose around India

Pakistan’s first Sikh official says he was badly treated

Gulab Singh Shaheen said he is living in the same house since 1947

He was dragged by hair in front of his wife and kids, the video can be seen on Channel Y

Though he urged global community but it has not shown any concerns and have not come out to help

Indian PM Modi is on Punjab tour and shared stage with all Akali Dal leadership

Present in rally were ex-Punjab CM Prakash Badal, Sukhbir Badal, Minister Harsimrat Kaur, Vijay Sampla and other senior leaders

Speaking on this occasion, Modi said his govt has done well with policies such as  minimum support programme

He said the condition of farmers is bad due to Congress policies and is getting worst

He claimed Haryana, ruled by BJP is on 3rd position according to a recent World Bank report

Modi said Punjab is not progressing, centre wished to open AIIMs in Bathinda but the province not moving ahead

He said the centre’s projects cannot move ahead if the province does not take initiative

Punjab CM Capt Amarinder said he is happy Modi came for farmers but did not address main concerns

CM said if Modi wishes to better the fate of farmers, why he does not announce loan waiver for famers

He asked why Modi has not implemented Swaminath Commission’s report and why is he not talking about SYL?

 Capt Amarinder also said Chandigarh will not be made dry city

He also asked Sukhbir Badal why he is not bringing these issues in front of Modi?

CM said why is he not getting Punjab’s demands approved, why is Akali Dal stepping back?

Fifa 2018: Croatia takes on England at 2pm today

Fifa 2018: France defeated Begium 1-0 yesterday and reached finals

Fifa 2018: Winner of today’s match will play against France on Sunday at 11am

The India-England T20 series has ended 2-1

The 1st ODI series between the two starts tomorrow at 7:30am

All eyes on India-England ODI series as after 11 months Cricket World Cup will be held here

The format of Cricket World Cup will be of ODI

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