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Southasian PULSE Radio Headlines – June 21 

One died in Brampton 410 and Bovaird near South Lake, police is investigating

Another Brampton video shows youngsters fighting again

2 days back also in a similar fight, 3 got injured seriously

At Nagar Kirtan a peel police car displayed khalistan flag, that officer has distanced himself from it

Though investigation is on but peel police says it has got nothing to do with it

But what are political implications of this act or what are procedures, no one knows yet

Though flag was removed later but who gave the officer that flag, is being investigated

Those staying in GTA know a lot of commute time is spent on roads

Among 84 cities, in North America, Toronto is the worst city due to high commuting time

Toronto is behind New York, Los Angeles in this regard and is ranked 6th worst in the world         

Those living in GTA are not surprised at the report as highways are always full

Commuters face problems as they spent 90 min daily on one-way trip

Some of the worst cities for commuting are Rio de Janeiro, followed by another Brazilian city Sao Paulo, and Istanbul

Top of the list in best cities is Nice as commuters in full year just spent 22 hrs in traffic

The rest of the year commute in Nice is comfortable

The 2019 federal elections are looming but with it NDP’s problems are not reducing

In Quebec, NDP vote share has come down to single digit

Many are questioning Jagmeet Singh’s leadership

Many are asking their 16 seats in Quebec will increase, decrease or be wiped off in upcoming elections

Fundraising donations are down and to run a competitive campaign, parties require minimum of $40m

The ridings alone require $20m, and another $20m is needed at national level

In 2017, individual contribution only collected $5m which is a source of concerns

In last 2 elections, in 2011 NDP won but in 2015 Liberal secured seat with small margin in Quebec

Now the same seat has been won Conservative party with 52% votes

Renata Ford, Rob Ford’s widow will do community service of 100 hrs in next 18 months for impaired driving

She gets 3 years probation in impaired driving case  if any sort of alcohol found in her blood

US President Trump announced detention of illegal immigrants but has allowed parents to keep kids

However, he said border security will remain strict but now kids will not be taken from parents

But US will maintain zero tolerance towards illegal migrants

Kids taken earlier from parents have said they are not aware where their kids or family members are

In Afghanistan Eid ceasefire announced for 3 days has ended

Taliban attacked and killed 30 soldiers country’s Western province and seized military base there

APML Chief and ex-Pak President Musharraf says he was coming to Pak but changed heart after SC directive

He said he can smell conspiracy against him though the world knows he is not afraid of anything

Musharraf said will return at the right time

On the question of NAB investigating his assets, Musharraf said he is residing in 3-bedroom apartment

Musharraf said he will cooperate with investigation

He alleged the care taker govt is trying to block his ID and passport

July 25 election in Pak: Caretaker PM vows to hold free and fair elections in a transparent manner

He informed security has been tightened so that people vote without fear

Caretaker PM, Justice (R) Nasirul Mulk made these comments during his visit to Karachi

Ex-Pak PM Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam and her husband are in London

Health of Sharif’s wife Kulsoom is deteriorating but politicians questioning if it is true

They asked if Kulsoom is in private hospital because doctors are not talking about her bad health

Others say as Sharif and his family has legal cases, he is taking wife’s illness as an excuse

Sharif said earlier that his wife suffered a cardiac arrest but he was not informed

He said Kulsoom is still not conscious, Maryam also has asked people to pray for her mother

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