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Southasian Pulse Radio Headlines – June 21 

  1. Sears Canada recently reported $700 million losses. Its shares are down by 20% today.
  2. RBC to slash 450 jobs mostly in Toronto
  3. About 10,000 expected to attend International Yoga Day in Mississauga over this weekend. UN considers June 21 as International Yoga Day.
  4. We were elected to bring change, and it’s outrageous after three years we are still dealing with scandals of previous council: Councillor Martin Medeiros. Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon also looks upset.
  5. New Airline Boom claims people would be able to travel New York To London in 2.5 hours and to Japan only in five hours from the current 11 hours. When asked similar deal was given by Concord but it failed. Boom said the ticket price from New York To London set by Concord was $20,000 that was unaffordable. Boom’s ticket price is $5,000 and technology is also better.
  6. Pakistan and Afghanistan ambassadors target each other in the US during a candid dialogue organised by an American think tank on Monday. While Pakistan’s ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry called for restoration of a quadrilateral dialogue among the two countries, US and China to end conflict in Afghanistan, his Afghan counterpart Hamdullah Mohib was not in conciliatory mood, urging the world not to supply weapons to Pakistan military which he claimed has launched an “undeclared war on Afghanistan.”
  7. In response to such “undiplomatic” remarks,  Chaudhry said his country has been listening these allegations for years as the Afghan government wants to deflect attention from its failure. “It’s not something new. We have heard for the last one and half years to two years…a mantra along these lines. And much more hostile rhetoric has been voiced. But it has been our view that we would not respond to that hostility…We do not think that blame game would get any country far.”
  8. The Afghan ambassador alleged that Taliban are getting medical treatment, training and resources from Pakistan and asked what Islamabad wants to achieve by supporting these groups. Ambassador Chaudhry said Kabul has never been able to provide any evidence in support of its allegations and within the government in Kabul many blamed Afghan administration for insider attacks. “There are reports that not entire country is control of Afghan forces. We hear that Daesh is also coming to Afghanistan in Nangarhar province which concerns Pakistan.”
  9. Chaudhry also said Pakistan wants better management of border adding there were evidence that brutal terrorist attack on army public school Peshawar was planned inside Afghanistan and several other attacks were also supported by elements across the border. He said it was too easy to say that all the ills of today’s Afghanistan are because of Pakistan. “Even for academic purposes, we accept that Pakistan-Afghan border is completely sealed and not a bird is allowed to fly across, would Afghanistan be able to get rid of all its problems?” he questioned.
  10. He said there are a variety of issues that pervade Afghanistan, including bad governance, corruption, weakening of the Afghanistan national security forces, debt paid issues, and economic issues.  Chaudhry said putting blame on Pakistan would, at best, deflect attention from the real causes of instability in Afghanistan.  Pakistan, he said, want peaceful and stable Afghanistan as the country is witnessing a strong economic growth and instable neighbor can harm this development.
  11. Referring to a recent meeting of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on the sidelines of SCO Summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, the seasoned diplomat said: “We need to be realistic, instead of hurling blame all the time, as we say, we need a friendship, we need a cooperative spirit.” About terrorists, Chaudhry said: “These terrorists are nobody’s friend. We would not like to see Taliban come to power by force in Afghanistan. And we have made it very clear that they do not represent Pakistan in any manner. And we are squeezing space on them. Therefore, we would humbly suggest to curb this tendency of scapegoating Pakistan, because that will not solve any problem.”
  12. Despite the aggressive tone by his Afghan counterpart, Chaudhry maintained a conciliatory approach throughout the two-hour dialogue.  Mohib remaked about  Pakistan’s internal affairs despite repeated objection by Ambassador Chauhdry. He said Kabul is not sure who to talk to in Pakistan. “Which Pakistan we should talk to? The Pakistan that occupies by a militant group, by a military, or the Pakistan of the civilians? The reality is that policies are made by the military which uses militancy as a foreign policy tool.
  13. The Sindh High Court has ordered to produce a missing Hindu girl. Satram Das Meghwar filed a case in the Sindh High Court against conversion and marriage of his 16-year-old daughter Ravita Meghwar. Meghwar yesterday told the court that his daughter had been illegally married off to Syed Nawaz Ali Shah after having been kidnapped from her village near Nagarparkar Town on June 6. She married 36-year-old Shah at the marriage registrar’s office in union council Gulzar Khalil in Samaro of Umerkot district in the province.
  14. Meghwar said his daughter was born on July 14, 2001. His lawyer contended that the marriage under the age of 18 was a punishable offence under the Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act, 2013.  He said the registrar had mentioned Shah’s year of birth (1980) and the national identity card number on the marriage certificate. Ravita’s age was shown as about 18 years, but there was no mention of her NIC number.  Similarly, the lawyer said, the certificate of conversion to Islam also did not mention her date of birth and NIC number, but her age was shown as 18 years.
  15. Earlier, Shah and Ravita had filed an application in the SHC seeking protection and accusing the girl’s parents of issuing death threat. The court had fixed June 30 the date of hearing on the application. Ravita has appealed to her parents to let her live with her husband happily as, according to her, she had taken the decision to embrace Islam to marry the person of her choice.
  16. A German lady has alleged rape by her Punjabi husband and her father-in-law.
  17. Modi does ‘asanas’ amid showers, says yoga connecting world
  18. Indo-Canadian Golf Association holds annual gala successfully
  19. Hockey World League Quarter Final Schedule on Thursday, June 22: 6am – (9/10 position) – Korea vs Scotland; 8:15am Argentina vs Pakistan; 10:30am India vs Malaysia; 12:45pm Netherlands vs China; 3pm England vs Canada.
  20. Don’t miss Entertainment Special at 6pm today on Channel Y.


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