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SP leader Rubina Khanam threatens to ‘chop off hands’ of those who lay hand on hijab

Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khanam on Saturday threatened to chop off hands of those who touch the hijab of any woman. Her statement comes in light of the ongoing Hijab controversy that took shape in Karnataka and is now reaching different pockets of the country. Khanam said, “The ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka is an attack on the self-respect of women and daughters of India. Any body who tries to lay a hand on hijab of a woman will see their hands chopped off”

She further said, “Be it a tilak oor pagdi or a hijab on one’s forehead, it is a part of India’s culture. Anyone who is politicizing this, it stooping too low. The government may be run by any party, but no one should make the mistake of considering women weak”.Khanam is a senior leader of the Samajwadi Party leader from Aligarh. On Friday, women students of Aligarh Muslim University had held a protest against the hijab ban at some educational institutes in Karnataka.



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