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Conservative Party

Liberals sweep Canada’s parliamentary elections

Ottawa, Oct 20 (IANS) Canada voted in its first new leader in 10 years, as a general election handed Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party an absolute majority — and a stunning ...Full Article

Federal elections: More women candidates than 2011

Ottawa/Oct.14, 2015- According to a report released by Equal Voice, an advocacy group dedicated to electing more women, there are more women candidates this year than 2011 federal elections, but ...Full Article

Election 2015: Blue vs. Red; Orange flagging

(October 7,2015)Liberals continue to edge upward, NDP downward Ontario – In the latest horserace numbers of Abacus Data, the Conservatives have 33% across the country, the Liberals 32%, and the ...Full Article

Despite party disowning him, Jagdish Grewal will stay in the fray

Mississauga/Oct.7,2015-The Conservative party announced yesterday that Jagdish Grewal will no longer be party’s official candidate in Mississauga-Malton riding, however, it is too late to remove him from the ballot ...Full Article

Conservatives To Fight Fraud Against Seniors, All Canadians With Increased Funding And Mandatory Minimum Penalties

Eglington – Joe Oliver, Conservative Party candidate for Eglinton-Lawrence, today announced a re-elected Conservative government would increase resources to fight fraud and introduce tougher minimum sentences on fraudsters. “Fraud ...Full Article

NDP’s key investments to strengthen economy and benefit northerners

Ottawa – Speaking today in Iqaluit, where the impact of the changing climate is readily apparent, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announced his plan to reverse the damage Stephen Harper ...Full Article

Harper Aims To Add More Than 700,000 New Canadian Homeowners By 2020

Ottawa – Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper touted his plan for affordable, responsible homeownership in Canada. He announced that a re-elected Conservative Government would aim to add more than ...Full Article

Conservatives absent Brampton Focus debate

Brampton/Sept. 22, 2015 – All five candidates of the Conservative Party from Brampton ridings were absent from a debate hosted by Brampton Focuson Friday. Naval Bajaj, Brampton East, Parm Gill, ...Full Article