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Midweek Headlines – September 23

Headlines :-  Al Jazeera’s Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy has been pardoned by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisis along with 100 other prisoners who were kept in Cairo jail. Pope ...Full Article

Midweek Headlines – September 21

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has announced a fund of $454 million for veterans over the next four years. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said if elected his government will ...Full Article

Midweek Headlines – September 17

Headlines  In the second Leaders Debate to be held tonight in Calgary, discussion is expected to concentrate on the thorny issue of Canadian economy. The debate is being sponsored ...Full Article

Today’s Headlines – Sep 16,2015

Headlines Catherine Cambell, the NS police constable from Halifax was found dead and police is treating it as a homicide case. A 27-year-old suspect is in police custody. Unfolding ...Full Article

Today’s Headlines – Sep 15,2015

Headlines The news of budget surplus has boosted Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s campaign. He is in BC today. NDP leader Tom Mulcair was in BC also where he made ...Full Article

Today’s Headlines – Sep 11, 2015

Headlines Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Quebec today where he talked about national security. Harper once again reiterated his resolve to allocate $10 million for the Kanishka Project ...Full Article

Today’s Headlines – Sep 9, 2015

NDP leader Tom Mulcair while in Toronto today has said if elected he will give boost to the auto industry. Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, also in Toronto today ...Full Article

Today’s Headlines – Sep 8, 2015

Headlines Prime Minister Stephen Harper talked to journalists at the Mississauga Convention Centre today. Talking on the refugee crisis, Harper said that a re-elected Conservative government will  look at ...Full Article

Today’s Headlines – Sep 4, 2015

Headlines Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has said that he was impressed by Canadian response on the matter of refugees but the country needs to do more. NDP leader ...Full Article