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Tanushree Dutta slaps Rs 10 crore defamation suit against Rakhi Sawant, gets threatened with Rs 50 crore countersuit 

In many ways, actress Tanushree Dutta’s allegations of sexual harassment against Nana Patekar have extended support and opened doors for the #MeToo movement in India.

The actress has alleged that Patekar, a National Award-winning actor, had made her feel uncomfortable on the sets of the 2008 film Horn OK Pleassssby inserting lewd dance steps at the last moment and threatening her with goons.

However, while several people came out in support of the actress, Rakhi Sawant, who had replaced Tanushree in the song of the 2008 film, called a press conference, where she called the actress a liar and even passed a number of comments about her image and went on to say that she was cooking up stories against Nana Patekar

She had said, “Tanushree Dutta has gone mad. She was in a coma for 10 years. She has just woken up after a coma of 10 years. I don’t like saying such things about a woman. I respect women. But this Tanushree Dutta who has returned from America after 10 years is vomiting such things, because she has exhausted all the money from her bank account and has no work, has nothing and is blaming Nana Patekar ji. She is talking about the past, which has nothing to do with the incident. Nothing of this sort ever happened. If something like this would have happened…have you seen my song with Nana Patekar…he did not even touch me a little.”

Responding to her allegations, Tanushree Dutta had filed a defamation suit against Rakhi of Rs 10 Crore. 

Tanushree’s lawyer in a statement to a news channel had earlier said, “We have filed a criminal and civil defamation case against Rakhi Sawant for maligning my client’s character and image.”

Rakhi, in response, has threatened to sue Tanushree Dutta for Rs 50 crore. 

In a series of social media videos, Rakhi Sawant said, “She has filed a Defamation case against me for 10 crores I will file a 50 crore defamation case against Tanushree for calling me a lower class girl.”

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