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Tiny, Earth-bound asteroid disintegrates over Africa: NASA 

Washington: A boulder-sized asteroid on a collision course with Earth reportedly disintegrated in the atmosphere – lighting up the sky over Botswana, according to NASA.The asteroid, estimated to be only about two metres across, was first discovered on June 2 by the Catalina Sky Survey, operated by the University of Arizona.Designated 2018 LA, the asteroid was small enough that it was expected to safely disintegrate in Earth’s atmosphere.Although there was not enough tracking data to make precise predictions ahead of time, a swath of possible locations was calculated stretching from Southern Africa, across the Indian Ocean, and onto New Guinea.Reports of a bright fireball above Botswana, Africa, early Saturday evening match up with the predicted trajectory for the asteroid.The asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere at the high speed of 17 kilometres per second at about 6:44 pm local Botswana time and disintegrated several miles above the surface, creating a bright fireball that lit up the evening sky.When it was first detected, the asteroid was nearly as far away as the Moon’s orbit, although that was not initially known. The asteroid appeared as a streak in the series of time-exposure images taken by the Catalina telescope.

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