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Troubled by dry and sore eyes in cold weather? Know precautions and treatment

As the weather turns colder, people frequently ask how to prevent dry eyes. Cold temperatures can cause your eyes to lose their natural moisture and become dry, leaving them sore and uncomfortable. Cool, brisk wind irritates eyes that are already prone to dryness. Dry eye happens when the eyes either cannot produce enough tears. It is a common condition wherein the eyes are unable to remain wet. This can cause the eyes to feel uncomfortable and may result in vision problems.

Dry eye can damage your cornea and other eye tissues because they lack the moisture they need to stay healthy. Our eyes rely on the moisture naturally in the air to help them stay hydrated, so dry eye symptoms typically worsen at this time of year. 

Meanwhile, dry air is also a fixture indoors over the winter months as people crank up the heating in their homes, further evaporating any moisture in the air. The use of dehumidifiers to dry washing indoors when it’s chilly outside only contributes to this problem.

In dry eye syndrome, the parts of your eyes can harden, become inflamed, irritated, and cause your vision problems. In addition to these symptoms, dry eyes can cause inflammation and (sometimes permanent) damage to the surface of the eye. Dry eye syndrome also can affect the outcomes of LASIK and cataract surgery.



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