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Two weeks into her show, Lilly Singh upsets the internet 

Brand new NBC late night host Lilly Singh is just two weeks into her show and has already apologised for a joke that didn’t go down well the internet’s throat. Bantering with Hollywood star Jessica Alba about her daughters, Singh made a comparison between towels and turbans. She was almost instantly bombarded with trolls and shockingly, abuses directed by people of the Sikh community.

After ugly backlash from the internet, Singh released a statement apologising for what she said on the show. “In a recent episode of my show, I stupidly made a comparison about turbans that I’d like to apologize for. In the moment, my thought process was ‘don’t be embarrassed! I think that’s dope.’ But in hindsight I recognize that was a disrespectful and problematic joke to make that has a lot of painful history behind it. And I’m very sorry,” she wrote.

Yudhvir Jaswal highlighted the incident on his radio show today and was unrelenting in his bashing of the backlash. “I don’t understand why it’s difficult to encourage someone and support them. She is the first Sikh person on NBC. We have no role in where she stands today. It was all her. Last week, we had a problem with Gurdas Mann. What is this new way of abusing people online?” Jaswal stated on the show.

Giving a brief background on Lilly, he said she was battling with depression when she decided to make YouTube videos through which she rose to fame. “Where were all of you then? Did you help her when she needed help?” Yudhvir asked. He went on to say that the Canadian star should be the community’s pride. “This is outright hooliganism,” he said.  


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