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‘US must review its policy; war on terror bred more terrorists’: Imran Khan

The United State’s war on terror bred more terrorists, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said. According to a report with the Dawn news, Imran Khan said that Islamabad was virtually a “fortress” during this period. Speaking on his take on terrorism, the Pakistan prime minister said, “The US’ ‘war on terror’ actually bred terrorists. I can tell you from Pakistan’s example because by joining the US, we had 80,000 people die.”

The war produced more terrorists as it went along, Khan added. 

“I am convinced it’s exactly the same what happened in Afghanistan. These night raids and drone attacks… the US must review its policy,” Imran Khan said. 

Khan said US citizens were being told that the drone attacks were accurate and the terrorists were targeted.

“Bombs exploding in villages; how would they only (target) terrorists?” he asked, adding that there was a lot of collateral damage.

“I am afraid, the public in the US didn’t know the amount of collateral damage (that happened). We bore the brunt.”



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