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Vidya breaks jagged rhythms of Bollywood 

TORONTO – Vidya Balan, an actress par excellence came, saw and conquered the hearts of millions across the globe and broke the toxically permanent feature of male-dominated films. The gutsy lady who has been conferred upon several accolades including a Padma Shri was promoting her upcoming flick Bobby Jasoos and had a heart to heart discussion with Yudhvir Jaswal, Editor-in-Chief of Y Media on a recent Southasian PULSE radio. The critically acclaimed actress, who  has won around 50 awards, informed the spicy story of Bobby Jasoos is “a journey to the heart of the historical city of Hyderabad and the story revolves around me where I am playing the role of a female detective. As the task of a detective is not easy and to reach the depth of the truth I conceal my identity under the shroud of different female and male masquerades but I enjoyed doing male disguises the most but the beard really itched! The story has been weaved in such a way that the city itself becomes an important character in the film The movie is being produced under Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha’s banner Born Free Entertainment and will showcase several shades of life. Vidya who broke several stereotypes and trends in Indian film industry, made her debut in Hindi films with Parineeta in 2005 and since then has taken the silver screen by storm. Championing the cause of her new movie Vidya called on cinema goers to hit theaters when it gets released in July 4 as the gripping story of Bobby Jasoos is fit for the whole family who for the first time would be able to enjoy the ambiance of his nawab city I the true sense of the world, with huge mansions reflected in the nature of this city’s dwellers also. No wonder she loved doing the character that according to her, is different from all her previous roles because the city gave her a natural inspiration to get absorbed in that spirit. But also she held several meetings with a number of female detectives to understand their body language. Narrating an interesting incident while filming Bobby Jasoos, she stated: “I was sitting at a Hyderabad station in the robe of a beggar with moustaches and a beard and asked for alms from a female passerby. She threw some pennies but advised to work as I looked so health. It was the first shot of the movie and all of us had a hearty laugh that she could not recognize me and gave a piece of advice as well.” Giving further details of the project Vidya said: “Bobby Jassos has lovely songs and the one closer to my heart is ‘sweety don’t you see’. I promise it will rock you.” Talking about her other films Kahani and The Dirty Picture, where her performance received rave reviews, were also made against the background of Kolkata city and immensely she enjoyed those roles because the city was personified as well. Mentioning her two-month long love affair with the city of Toronto when she came for the filming of her movie Kismat Konnection, she fell in love with the city and vowed to come later this year. When asked how she feels breaking set Bollywood rules, carved her own niche and clinched so many awards, she professed: “It feels wonderful and I am blessed as I am living my dream. I never cared for awards but joined the industry to do some interesting and different projects but I got more than I ever expected. So I am thankful to the whole universe for commending my work and making my dream come true.” Sharing yet another experience related to her movie Kismat Konnection, she stated that the crew was staying at the Western Hotel in Downtown Toronto and she used to take a stroll to the waterfront and see several graduates skating to their universities. “One day the lovely weather prompted me and director Aziz to take a walk. On the way back we stopped by a hotdog stall and spent several minutes explaining our profiles of a movie director and the actress to the boy who served Aziz burger as I don’t eat meet for I am a vegetarian. But both of us were vastly embarrassed as we had no money. The boy was kind enough to let us go but I rushed to the hotel, took money out of my pursed and only returned once I had paid him.” Wrapping up the discussion she told listeners to stay happy and blessed. Recognized as the leading light in a jagged industry today, Vidya has several exciting crop of movies in the coming days, details of which would be released later.



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