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Will Support Hindu Candidate for Brampton Mayor: Former MP Gurbax Malhi 

MISSISSAUGA – We must open up our hearts and support Hindu community to help them get into the political arena. It would be my heart-felt desire to support a Hindu candidate for the post of Brampton mayor. This was stated by former MP Gurbax Malhi during a panel discussion with Yudhvir Jaswal, Group Editor and CEO of Y Media at Channel Y. The topic of discussion was future of Liberal party in Canada.

Malhi said as Canadians one believes in shared values and do everything in one’s capacity to maintain harmony in society. Several Sikhs have made it to the parliament at the provincial and federal level but it is about time that the Hindus are assisted to represent their community in Brampton city so it is “my ardent desire that a Hindu candidate takes up the role of mayor in Brampton.”

When asked why his daughter, Harinder Malhi, who was a Liberal MPP and Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, lost, Malhi replied it happened because of the PC wave. When asked she even brought the 1984 Motion in the parliament, then why did the community not support her, Malhi again replied, nothing works when a certain wave for a party starts. Malhi was also asked about the future of Liberal party in Ontario as it has lost its official status and secured only seven seats, and if this will affect federal elections in 2019, Malhi said only time will tell. Presently, the new Ontario premier-elect Doug Ford has been asked by few not to give any official status to the Liberal party as it is in heavy debt and cannot raise funds. Due to this, it would not be able to stand and contest in upcoming elections. Therefore, the Conservatives will only have one party – NDP to tackle.

Others say if Liberals are given that status, Conservatives will contest against two parties. However, in that case the vote bank will get divided between the Liberals and the NDP. Other panelists – Gurjot Naroo and Rupinder Hayer also agreed with this sentiment. Both were amazed the way Liberals were wiped away in Brampton and Mississauga. Full details can be viewed on Channel Y.

By Shazia Malik


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