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Y MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: ‘Patrick Brown is lying in his attacks on niqab ban’: Pierre Poilievre

Pooja Luthra

Pierre Poilievre, Federal Conservative leadership candidate, in an exclusive interview with Yudhvir Jaswal, Y Media Group Editor and CEO, calls Brampton mayor Patrick Brown ‘a liar’, explains his plans for immigration and integration and comments on foreign policy. Read on.

Yudhvir Jaswal: Brampton mayor and Federal Conservative leadership candidate, Patrick Brown, alleged you’d been complicit with the 2015 niqab ban bill. What’s your take on that?
Pierre Poilievre: Patrick Brown has published several lies. First of all, he claimed there was a niqab ban, which is a lie. There was no niqab ban. I would never support that, nor did Mr. Harper. Mr. Harper proposed that a person’s face be visible while giving oaths at citizenship ceremonies. I always stand for equality and am in favour of immigration. I have even announced a policy to help immigrants gain jobs in the professions and trades they were trained for. This plan incentivizes provinces to require occupational licensing bodies to decide on an immigrant’s application within 60 days of receiving their paperwork, rather than forcing them to wait for months. Throughout the campaign, I’ll be coming up with other proposals that will help us go from the credit card economy that we have today to a paycheck economy in the future.

Yudhvir Jaswal: How would you tackle the issue of international trade professionals?
Pierre Poilievre: My government would implement:

  1. The 60 Day Guarantee: Incentivize provinces and territories to require occupational licensing bodies to decide whether to grant an immigrant a license to work in their trade or profession within 60 days of getting the application.
  2. Merit-Based Licenses: Approve people to work in their field by testing their skills and competence, not judging them by where they studied.
  3. Empower professionals and tradespeople waiting to immigrate to Canada to work on getting their credentials before they arrive.
  4. Additional study loans for new Canadians who need to upskill to get licensed in their fields.

Yudhvir Jaswal: How are you different from other leaders aspiring to become Federal Conservative leader?
Pierre Poilievre: Well, in many ways. First of all, Patrick Brown supports a carbon tax. He believes in increasing gas prices, home heating prices and inflation. I oppose the carbon tax. Patrick Brown has twice been found guilty of violating the Integrity Act. I’ve been fighting against government scandals during my entire political career. I brought in Accountability Act that cleans up scandals in politics. I want to work hard to make Canada the most accessible place on earth for everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds, so that they can take control of their lives.

Yudhvir Jaswal: How would you be doing anything different than PM Trudeau in terms of freedom?
Pierre Poilievre: Canadians would have more economic freedom if I were the PM. Many people feel like they’re losing control of their lives. They don’t have financial independence as Patrick Brown and Justin Trudeau support carbon tax. Trudeau is driving up the cost of living by printing all this money that inflates the cost. He’s also increasing taxes on consumers. I would reverse those policies. We need an affordable government, and I would stop printing money to pay our bills. I would remove the gatekeepers to produce more affordable energy, generate more affordable food and build more affordable houses.

Yudhvir Jaswal: What are you going to do anything different regarding infrastructure?
Pierre Poilievre: We need to remove the red tape in this country, as you can’t get anything built, whether it’s a house, pipeline, or highway. Many regulatory and red tape obstacles block construction from going ahead. So I’m pledging to remove the regulatory rate gatekeepers to get major projects approved in this country.

Yudhvir Jaswal: The Conservatives have been regularly shut out in Toronto ridings during the federal election. Patrick Brown claims Conservatives cannot form the government at the federal level without the suburban ridings. He’s claiming to have all the networks to win all these suburban ridings. What do you have to say about this?
Pierre Poilievre: Well, I hold a suburban riding in Ottawa, the second biggest city in Ontario, and I’ve won seven times. Unlike him, I’m undefeated in all seven of my elections. I don’t have the kind of baggage that Patrick Brown brings. He’s been caught lying so many times, and it will hurt his ability to convince people in the future. He lied about his position on the carbon tax. He was twice found guilty of violating the Integrity Act in Ontario. So that is the background he brings, and it will drive away many votes, divide our party and cause us to lose the next election. I plan to unite the party around the principle of freedom of speech, enterprise, and faith. These freedoms will concatenate our country and our party. This will help us win the election and put Canadians back into control of their lives.

Yudhvir Jaswal: Is Canada doing an adequate job of integrating the immigrants?
Pierre Poilievre: I agree wholeheartedly that we need integration, which comes from allowing people to work in their field. We constantly need doctors, engineers, teachers, and other highly skilled people who cannot work in their professions and occupations because of these heavily regulated labour markets. So, what I want to do with my plan is to remove the gatekeepers to incentivize provinces to quickly recognize the credentials of our immigrants so that they can work in the fields for which they were trained. And the most crucial part is to get people a paycheck to fulfill their dreams and put their energies into working for the entire country.

Yudhvir Jaswal: What are your comments with regards to Canada’s foreign policy with U.S., China, Russia, and India?
Pierre Poilievre: We need to ban Huawei from our 5G network and protect Canada’s technological infrastructure from espionage. With regards to Russia, I support strong sanctions against Putin. We should provide more lethal weapons to the Ukrainian people to defend themselves against Russian aggression. We also need to help Europe become independent. We should allow Europeans to power their economy without being dependent on the Russian dictatorship. A robust international energy export plan would enable us to not only put paychecks in the pockets of our workers at home but power our democratic allies abroad.
We need stronger ties with India. I have supported free trade with India over the years. I believe we should rekindle the conversation with India to achieve free trade. India is the second-most populous country in the world and the biggest democracy. The commerce between Canada and India brings great prosperity to both countries, and I strongly favour that.



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