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Youth Employment Strategy enhanced by $165.4m for 2016-17, investing $339m on summer jobs plan: MP Ruby Sahota 

BY SHAZIA MALIK/ONTARIO: Our government is committed towards
helping young Canadians get meaningful employment in jobs during
their education and in the fields they studied in. This is why we increased investment in the Youth Employment Strategy by $165.4 million for 2016-17, with additional investments in the next two budgets.
In addition we are investing $339 million into the Canada Summer
Jobs program over three years, starting in 2016-2017. This was stated
by MP Ruby Sahota during an exclusive talk with Midweek.
Ruby added these initiatives will open up more jobs for young Canadians looking for real experience and real skill development in their
line of education. She said: “In addition, within my riding of Brampton
North, we have organized a diverse and dedicated youth council that will
advise me on specific challenges young people in my riding are facing,
particularly on the employment front. We are promoting to businesses about the Summer Jobs Program

and we are planning some workshops for young Brampton North
residents on getting a job.”
When asked that though the private sector offers jobs but they are not
at par with the labour market standards. So is she in particular and
the government in general aware of this issue, she said: “Yes the
government is aware of issues with private sector jobs having a
mismatch with labour market trends. Employers need highly skilled
workers to ensure their businesses can grow.
“This is why, our government is focusing on investments towards
universities and colleges, specifically the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics areas, to ensure we provide the best environment for students to learn and develop technology for the future. In
addition, we are enhancing organizations looking to work with children in promoting coding, science, and other in demand fields.
“Additionally, the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development
and Labour, MaryAnn Mihychuk, is working hard in delivering new
tools for businesses and job seekers, to better predict where the
labour market is going. This is important for Canadians to have,
especially the youth, in planning their future career paths, what are
potential high in demand jobs and earning potential as well. The
minister and our government are working hard in creating strong
middle class jobs for Canadians.”
When asked if the government monitors funding given to small businesses to ensure they are actually getting youth job market ready,
Ruby said: “Any businesses that receive government funding, such
as grants or loans, are monitored to ensure the money isn’t being
misspent. If money is earmarked for hiring young Canadians, such
as the Canada Summer Jobs program, they must use that money for
hiring young Canadians. If the money is for investments into production, skills training or growing the business, all of it is monitored to
ensure funding is used correctly.”

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