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181 VCs, academicians condemn Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on ‘University heads selection process’

More than 180 vice-chancellors and noted academicians from leading universities across India have expressed their stern reactions against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s comments on the selection process of university heads. In an open letter, the Vice Chancellors and noted academicians hit out at the senior Congress leader and the incumbent Wayanad MP for defaming the Office of the Vice Chancellors at large with the intent to derive political mileage from it.

Titled “Torchbearers being torched,” the open letter categorically and unequivocally refuted Gandhi’s comments alleging that the selection process for the posts was biased. It said, “It has come to our notice from the tweet and open sources of Shri Rahul Gandhi, Congress Leader, that the appointment of Vice Chancellors is made solely on the basis of affiliation with some organization rather than on the basis of merit and qualification, thereby questioning the merit of the process through which the Vice Chancellors are appointed.”

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