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All surveys proved false, Rahul Gandhi accepted by people of the country: Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru, June 5: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday said that the “good performance” of the Congress and INDIA bloc in the Lok Sabha elections indicated that the people of the nation have accepted party leader Rahul Gandhi. Addressing media persons here, he also said that it is uncertain who will form the government at the Centre.

On the Congress performance in the state, Siddaramaiah said: “We have not been able to win seats in the state as per our expectations. We were expecting 15-20 seats. However, in 2019, we won only one constituency. This time, we have risen to 9.

We have got 45.34 per cent vote share and the BJP got 46.04 per cent. In 2019, the BJP got 51.38 per cent votes. We got only 31.88 per cent votes. Compared to 2019, our vote share has increased. BJP’s vote share has dropped by 5 per cent.” “Even after aligning with the JD-S, their vote share has decreased. The JD-S also got less than in 2019. However, we did not win as many seats as expected. Congress vote share has increased at the national level. The BJP, which was in office at the Centre, has won fewer seats than Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi did in 2014 and 2019. BJP did not get a majority, even in the name of Prime Minister Modi… no party has got a majority,” he added.

He contended that “due to this defeat, Prime Minister Modi has no moral right to become the Prime Minister again”. Congratulating Rahul Gandhi, the CM said his two yatras had yielded results. “The people of the country have accepted Congress and Rahul Gandhi to a very large extent. In both the constituencies, Rahul Gandhi won with a huge margin.”

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