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Amit Shah in Telangana’s Bhongir: Fight between ‘Vote for Jihad’ and ‘Vote for Vikas’

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, amid the ongoing high-pitched election campaign, has said that the fight in these Lok Sabha polls is between ‘Vote for Jihad’ and ‘Vote for Vikas’. The Union Minister was addressing the people of Telangana in Bhongir.

“I am glad to be present here in Telangana… I heartily welcome all of you. Today, our country is witnessing the biggest festival of democracy. The ensuing elections here represent a fight between ‘Vote for Jihad’ and ‘Vote for Vikas’ mission,” Amit Shah said.

The 2024 election is Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi and that it is a contest between vote for development and “vote for jihad”, the Home Minister said.

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