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Apoorva Arora tried method acting for first time in OTT show ‘Family Aaj Kal’

Mumbai, April 4: Actress Apoorva Arora, who is receiving a lot of positive responses for her recently released OTT show ‘Family Aaj Kal’, has shared that she tried her hands-on method acting for the first time in the show.

The actress spoke about her preparation for the role, and how her director Parikshit Joshi came up with crazy methods which initially left her confused but over a period of time these methods paid off really well.

The actress said: “Being a director’s actor means I’m all in for bringing their vision to life. When we were prepping for ‘Family Aaj Kal’, Parikshit had some pretty unique methods that had me scratching my head at first. But I decided to trust him and go along with it, even if it felt a bit weird. Those workshops and homework sessions really opened my eyes to his approach.”

The show also stars Sonali Sachdev, Aakarshan Singh, Prakhar Singh, Masood Akhtar, and late actor Nitesh Pandey.

Talking about her first experience of learning method acting, she said, “It was my first time diving into method acting, really getting into my character’s head. I had to give up things I love, like jamming to music – and trust me, anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist grooving to a good beat.”

“During filming, I had to pretend not to hear the music, just like my character dealing with depression for two years. I believe these deep dives are where the magic happens, shaping both the character and my acting skills,” she added.

Produced by Anushka Shah of Civic Studios, ‘Family Aaj Kal’ is streaming on Sony LIV.

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