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Arjun discusses ex-girlfriends, Sonam gets awkward at questions on sex

Koffee With Karan S7 Ep 6 Highlights: It was a laughter riot when Arjun Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor sat beside each other on Karan Johar’s Koffee couch. The cousins were sassy, witty and left absolutely no stone unturned when it came to pulling each other’s legs. It was a brother-sister banter that you’d watch in regular drawing rooms. On one occasion, Arjun even stepped up to adore his sister and plant a kiss on Sonam’s cheek. The two were born 15 days apart and their camaraderie was sure a hit on Koffee With Karan Season 7 Ep 6: Here’s what transpired in the episode:

Arjun Kapoor on owning his relationship with Malaika
Arjun was asked by Karan why he took so long to reveal his relationship with Malaika to the public. The ‘Gunday’ actor answered, “I think I’ve lived a life being on the other side of the spectrum. I grew up in a disjointed family, and it was not easy to see what was going on, and still had to accept everything. I can’t just jump on her (Malaika). The first reaction could be ‘What do you mean?’ If you ease people in, they’ll understand.”

“I will always think about everyone first. It is my choice to be with her, but I cannot expect everyone to understand. It has to be allowed to grow. I cannot expect everyone to understand easily. Darja dena padta hai, and I had to ease everyone into it including the public eye. It’s not that we didn’t talk about it as a couple. But there are baby steps. There is a basic understanding that she has had a life, she has a son, and I’m coming from a past that is aware of that. The moral compass of the country you cannot dictate”, Arjun explained.

Sonam and Arjun discuss each others’ ex
Koffee With Karan is known for revealing Bollywood celebrities’ dating lives. Sonam and Arjun’s episode was no less. While Sonam said that Arjun has despised all her ex-boyfriends before Anand and he probably hated them, She also said that he has slept with his friends in the past.

Arjun also discussed being in a difficult relationship in the past. However, he did not take any names.

When Sonam Kapoor took Arjun on her date
In a hilarious revelation, Sonam Kapoor revealed that when she was 12, she tagged Arjun along when she had to go on a date with a boy. they went to Mc Donalds and Arjun sat at a different table eating his burgers. Sonam on the other hand met the guy and they has a nice time other.

When Arjun ended up with a black eye, thanks to Sonam
Sonam Kapoor candidly shared how she was once asked to leave the basketball court in school by a school bully and inadvertently turned to her elder brother Arjun Kapoor for recourse, after which the actor ended up with a black eye.

Arjun said: “I went up to him, telling him how can you talk to my sister like that. I imagined it would be like Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Josh’ where two gangs fight but I just got socked in the eye! I had a black-eye and I got suspended because I abused him.”

Arjun gets the best of both worlds
Arjun won the coffee hamper after Sonam and Arjun’s hilarious rapid-fire responses had the audience in stitches. Later, in the quiz round, he again won with a big margin and took home an Ek Villain Returns inspired gift.

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