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Boris Johnson’s Waxwork Appears Outside Job Centre After His Resignation

A wax figure of Boris Johnson from Madame Tussauds appeared outside a job centre following the UK Prime Minister’s resignation as leader of the ruling Conservative Party, the media reported.

The waxwork version of Johnson with his hands on his hips, dressed in a suit with a powder-blue tie and his signature messy hair was placed outside a JobCentre Plus in the Lancashire town just hours after he announced his resignation on Thursday, reports the BBC.

Although he quit as the Conservative leader, Johnson said he would continue serving as the Prime Minister until his successor is chosen by the party.

Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds in London updated its 10 Downing Street display with a sign saying “vacancy”.

The display now shows Johnson wax figure standing next to a Downing Street sign smiling at the door of Number 10.

As the race for a new leader begins, Madame Tussauds confirmed the wax figure will be removed from the Baker Street attraction when he is officially no longer Prime Minister.

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