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Brampton South MP Sonia Sidhu announces $30 million in renewed diabetes research funding from Government of Canada on behalf of Minister of Health 

At today’s Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF in Toronto, Sonia Sidhu, Member of Parliament for Brampton South and Dave Prowten, President and CEO of JDRF Canada announced the renewal of a research partnership between JDRF Canada and the Government of Canada, through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), with the support of a total joint investment of $30M over the next five years. 

Sidhu said, “We are delighted to be renewing this research partnership with JDRF Canada. We greatly appreciate the exceptional work being done by researchers with the support of funding from the partnership to develop new treatments and make life better for Canadians with T1D and their families.  

Established in 2017, with an initial joint investment of $30M, the JDRF-CIHR Partnership to Defeat Diabetes supports transformative research on type 1 diabetes (T1D). Over the past five years, the partnership has funded several innovative clinical trials and translational research projects focused on accelerating the development of novel treatment approaches for people with T1D. For example, Dr. Maria Cristina Nostro at the University Health Network’s McEwen Stem Cell Institute is leading a team focused on developing new transplantation strategies and universal donor stem cells to develop a superior islet-like product for people with T1D that will require little or no immunosuppression. 

“Canada is home to outstanding diabetes researchers. CIHR is very proud to partner with JDRF Canada to support excellent new research that will provide insights into how we can improve care and ultimately prevent and cure type 1 diabetes,” Dr. Norman Rosenblum, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes said.

JDRF Canada and CIHR have recently launched two new funding opportunities as part of the renewal of the partnership. The first funding opportunity will provide $14M to support research into precision medicine approaches to treating T1D. The second one will provide $4M for research that addresses issues related to the psychosocial health of people living with T1D. 

Dave Prowten, President and CEO of JDRF Canada, said, “Receiving this crucial funding through the CIHR partnership will ensure Canada continues as a world leader in T1D clinical trials and translational research – especially as we marked the centenary of the discovery of insulin in 2021. We are fortunate to be working alongside our partner, CIHR, to reach our ultimate goal of finding a cure and moving beyond insulin.”

Dr. Michael C. Riddell, T1D researcher at York University who was diagnosed with T1D at age 15, and whose son was diagnosed with T1D in May 2016, said, “The discovery of insulin over 100 years ago has kept us alive with this disease. Now we need to take action so that we can live a near normal life by using new technologies while we accelerate our focus on finding a cure for the next generation. A cure would mean that me, my son and all the rest of us living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes would no longer live the burden of managing this disease.” 

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