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City Council approves permanent program to provide free menstrual products in Burlington’s public washrooms

Burlington City Council has approved a program which allows for the permanent provision of free menstrual products in Burlington’s public washrooms. A pilot of the program began in March 2022.

Free menstrual products are available in 92 public washrooms throughout 20 City recreational facilities, including City Hall. Products are provided in all men’s, women’s and universal change rooms and washrooms.

Through extensive research, data collection and in collaboration with the Pink Project Burlington, local institutions, municipalities and school boards in Ontario, offering free menstrual hygiene products in public washrooms is now considered as essential to the community as offering toilet paper, soap and paper towels. Providing menstrual hygiene products in each of the public washrooms in the facility also provides a more inclusive approach to support the needs of transgender and non-binary individuals.

Victor Ljuljdjuraj, Manager of Facility Operations said, “the approval of a permanent program to provide menstrual products is a positive step towards equality in Burlington. In the same way we do not expect people to pay for toilet paper or soap in our restrooms, providing these products eliminates a barrier, is inclusive and welcoming.”

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