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Comedians Gaurav More, Kaveri Priyam, Inder Sahani team up for ‘AI Film’ gag

Mumbai, May 28: Ace comedians Gaurav More, Kaveri Priyam, Inder Sahani, and Ashish Shirke have teamed up for the hilarious skit called ‘A.I. Film’ in the upcoming episode of ‘Madness Machayenge-India Ko Hasayenge’. Gaurav plays a dashing hero who is eager to film romantic scenes with the witty heroine, essayed by Kaveri. However, the heroine leaves the hero in the middle of the shoot, causing chaos on set. Inder, who plays the quick-thinking director, comes up with an ingenious solution: he convinces the hero to shoot the romantic scene with his bodyguard, hilariously portrayed by Ashish.

The catch here is that he will then use A.I. tools to swap the bodyguard with the heroine in post-production. The sight of Gaurav, as the hero, attempting to shoot romantic scenes with his burly bodyguard leaves everyone in stitches. Talking about his upcoming act, Inder said: “I’m thrilled about our upcoming gag where I get to play the director in this hilarious ‘A.I. Film’ skit. It was an absolute blast working with Gaurav, Kaveri, and Ashish Ji — each of them brought such incredible energy and comedic timing to the set.” “We’re not just aiming for laughs; we’re also paying homage to the fascinating world of A.I. innovation in a fun and creative way,” added Inder. The show will welcome Neelam Kothari. ‘Madness Machayenge’ airs at 9:30 pm on Sony.

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