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‘Dictatorship’ going on in the country is unacceptable, says Arvind Kejriwal in Amritsar

Chandigarh: Targeting the BJP, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said the “dictatorship” allegedly going on in the country is unacceptable and the nation has never seen such a period in the past 75 years.

Kejriwal was addressing Punjab AAP workers and leaders, including MLAs, in Amritsar and asked them to put in their best to ensure AAP’s victory in all 13 Lok Sabha seats in Punjab.
He slammed the BJP, accusing it of putting all rival party leaders in jail.

“The dictatorship that is going on in our country is not acceptable. India has never seen such a period in the past 75 years, putting opposition leaders in jail,” said Kejriwal.
He even compared the situation in India with that of Russia.

“Like in Russia, (Vladimir) Putin sent all rival leaders in jail and then conducted the elections and got 87 per cent votes. When there is no opposition, you will be the only one who will get votes,” he said.

“They put me in jail, Manish Sisodia was put in jail, Congress party’s bank account was attached, (they) are troubling the TMC, Stalin’s ministers have been put in jail. “Put everyone in jail. Then only one party and one leader will remain, but democracy will not survive. We do not have to let this happen,” said Kejriwal.

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