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Diversity and Humanity Grants available at International Business University

International Business University (IBU) is making education more accessible for diverse learners who have faced challenges with courage and conviction. To serve these learners, IBU’s Board is adding two new President’s Grants to the school’s robust suite of scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid packages. The grants will be available for the September 2022 intake.

“Societal interest in supporting young people of diverse backgrounds to be innovative, resilient, tech-savvy, coachable, and team-oriented has risen with the changes in technology and the virtual business environment,” said distinguished educator and IBU’s founder and chair, Serdar Mutlu. “Traditional teaching approaches, and size and complexity of many post-secondary institutions, can be challenging to navigate for many learners who have unique circumstances and barriers. Often, this leaves this diverse talent pool behind. We want to help.”

The new IBU grants are equivalent to fifty per cent (50%) in tuition over the eight-semester Honours Bachelor of Commerce in International Management and Technology program. IBU is making available:

  • 10 President’s Diversity Grants for Canadian secondary school graduates in equity-seeking groups;
  • 10 President’s Humanity Grants for refugees with Canadian status.

Submissions for these particular IBU grants will require:

  1. An IBU application by clicking the Apply Now button at;
  2. A personal letter which makes a case for the award based on the learner’s circumstances, challenges, and their commitment to developing a personalized learning and career pathway;
  3. A recommendation letter from an education professional, business executive, or community leader to address the aptitude and potential of the applicant to present a convincing case for the award.

In addition to the Diversity and Humanity Grants, IBU offers attractive scholarships and tuition bursaries for all eligible Canadian secondary school graduates and working professionals. It also provides a generous financial aid package.

Joanne Shoveller, IBU’s president, said the grants are part of IBU’s commitment to creating an accessible, flexible, learner-centred ecosystem. A blended learning format, which includes live, interactive classes online, also plays a role. 

“Our approach builds students’ communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” said Shoveller. “Self-directed learning activities foster knowledge, and on-campus activities promote teamwork and community-building. Plus, individualized learning support guides each student in creating a Personalized Learning Plan. These are skills and perspectives that all learners need — even more so when they have faced challenging lived experiences.”

To highlight the accessibility and support focus, IBU will align its first application review for two days after an in-person Open House on August 10. Jason Gangaram, Director of Recruiting, Admissions and Partnerships, said interested students are invited to IBU’s 80 Bloor St. W. campus in Toronto to experience the institution firsthand.

“During our Open House, you can experience ‘a day in your life as a student at IBU, and interact with your faculty, IBU Student Services team, and President Joanne Shoveller,” said Gangaram. “We understand that support is important in making such a decision. This event will provide a platform for our learners to get the help they need.”

IBU will accept rolling applications for this program, with the first application review on August 12 and a secondary review on August 29. To learn more, future IBU students can contact Gangaram at

For further information, please contact:

Swarna Saini, Registrar and Director of Enrolment Services

The IBU Way: Personalized Learning

Newly established in Ontario, IBU is an independent, not-for-profit university that is a flexible, accessible, and personalized alternative. Graduates are prepared to adapt to a continuously changing environment.

IBU learners belong to a diverse student body with shared drive and enthusiasm, while managing their individualized objectives and circumstances. As an independent institution, IBU effectively responds to each student’s needs by creating a Personalized Learning Plan. The Plan includes a close faculty-student experience; class sizes of 30 students; dedicated student advisors; development of a networking plan with industry mentors; work-integrated learning opportunities; and a curriculum guided by skills, learning outcomes, and employer-identified high value competencies. IBU creates this unique value proposition of personalized learning through a curated lifespan approach from pre-application to graduation and beyond. 

The university is also expanding its current virtual platform with a deep commitment to personalization that will support each learner as an individual. The resulting environment, whether online or in-person, is intimate, responsive, and focused on individualized education, ensuring a clear pathway to success.

Working with students’ distinct backgrounds and learning styles, IBU’s educational setting and support systems create graduates who enter the workforce with carefully-tailored competencies for changing job requirements and the ability to continuously learn. Aligned with employment and future career opportunities, IBU’s eight-semester curriculum also helps learners to develop networks, provides work-integrated learning opportunities, and encourages entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation.

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