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Entertainment giant Live Nation confirms data breach via Ticketmaster

San Francisco, June 1: Entertainment major Live Nation has confirmed that its ticketing subsidiary Ticketmaster was compromised by hackers, who allegedly offered data of 560 million users on the dark web for sale.

The hackers exposed data, allegedly containing personal information, credit card details and other information about Ticketmaster customers, selling it for $500,000 on the Dark Web, according to reports. Now, in a regulatory filing in the US, Live Nation has acknowledged the data breach. “On May 20, 2024, Live Nation Entertainment identified unauthorised activity within a third-party cloud database environment containing company data (primarily from its Ticketmaster subsidiary) and launched an investigation with industry-leading forensic investigators to understand what happened,” the company said in the filing.

On May 27, a criminal threat actor offered what it alleged to be “company user data for sale via the dark web”. “We are working to mitigate risk to our users and the Company, and have notified and are cooperating with law enforcement.

As appropriate, we are also notifying regulatory authorities and users with respect to unauthorised access to personal information,” said Live Nation.

It said that the data breach, has not had any “material impact on our overall business operations or on our financial condition or results of operations”. “We continue to evaluate the risks and our remediation efforts are ongoing,” it added. Live Nation, however, didn’t provide specific details about the breach.

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