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He just seems to be this diesel engine that never ends: de Villiers on Dhoni

New Delhi, March 13: Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers compared Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper MS Dhoni to a diesel engine that never stops working.

Speculations swirled around Dhoni’s retirement after the 2023 IPL season, with murmurs suggesting it might mark the swansong of his illustrious career. Yet, fueled by an unwavering commitment to his franchise, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Dhoni vowed to grace the cricketing stage for one more season, despite grappling with a significant knee injury.

Now, at the age of 42, Dhoni strides back onto the field, after undergoing knee surgery. Dhoni put a lot of effort into his rehabilitation to get well in time to lead the five-time champions in IPL 2024, starting March 22.

De Villiers, in his reflective musings, delved into the enigma of CSK’s success. He attributed their prowess not only to Dhoni’s stoic leadership but also to the tranquil guidance of coach Stephen Fleming and the seasoned experience of stalwarts like Ravindra Jadeja. Together, they forged a culture of excellence that breathed life into the very essence of the CSK franchise.

“They played some incredible cricket last year. There were a lot of rumors about MS Dhoni finishing up last year, that was not the case, ladies and gentlemen. He would be back again. Will this be his final season? No one knows. He just seems to be this diesel engine that never ends. He keeps running. What an incredible player, what an incredible captain,” de Villiers said on his YouTube channel.

“I believe it’s through their presence, it’s through the leadership of MSD, a calm coach in Stephen Fleming, senior players in Ravindra Jadeja and others who have really set this incredible culture alive. They are a very intimidating team to play against. They are never easy to beat. That is always a great characteristic of a very successful unit, of a very successful franchise. When you are playing well, it’s, ‘Yes, no problem, no one’s gonna stop us’ but when you are not playing so well – they always find a way to compete,” he added.

The South African maestro also emphasized the formidable aura surrounding CSK, describing them as an intimidating force on the cricketing battlefield. Their stronghold at the Chepauk stadium, fondly referred to as a ‘fortress’, added an impregnable dimension to their dominance.

De Villiers sounded a cautionary note to rival IPL teams, warning them of the peril posed by a CSK side unburdened by the weight of expectations. Having clinched the title in the previous season, CSK now shoulders the mantle of defending champions with a sense of tranquility, free from the shackles of undue pressure.

“They won last year. Yes, they want to defend their title but there’s almost no pressure on MSD and his troops and I think that makes them dangerous. Can they go back-to-back? They certainly have the ability,” he concluded.

CSK will play the season opener against RCB at Chennai on March 22.

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