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Highlights of 19-point Ontario Liberal Party Affordability Pledge

  1. Slash all public transit fares across the province to $1.
  2. Increase Old Age Security by $1,000 for low-income seniors.
  3. Remove the provincial HST off of prepared foods under $20.
  4. Bring back rent control for all homes.
  5. Increase the minimum wage to $16 an hour and introduce a regional living wage.
  6. Refund families $2,750 per child through retroactive child care fees to January 1st.
  7. Implement $10/day before- and after-school care.
  8. Give new parents 18 months parental leave without cutting EI payments.
  9. Help families buy a modest electric car and energy-efficient renovations. 
  10. Expand tax credits for seniors renovating their homes and for their caregivers.
  11. Provide every worker prescription drug benefits, dental care, vision care, mental health care and retirement savings.
  12. Pay our healthcare workers more, by scrapping the wage-capping Bill 124 and introducing a minimum wage of $25 an hour for Personal Support Workers. 
  13. Eliminate interest on provincial student loans and make OSAP more generous.
  14. Build and sell affordable new homes to first-time home buyers.
  15. Eliminate incorporation fees for new businesses and start-ups. 
  16. Tax refunds of $75 per winter tire and $100 per studded tire in Northern Ontario.
  17. Maintain elimination of licence plate renewal fees and tolls on highways 412 and 418.
  18. Reduce gas taxes by 5.7 cents per litre and the fuel tax by 5.3 cents per litre for a period of six months beginning July 1st. 
  19. Increase the eligibility for the Low-Income Individuals and Families (LIFT) tax credit from $38,000 to $50,000.
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