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IBU (International Business University) to host summer Virtual Live Open House on Wed, June 1 at 12pm-1pm & 7pm-8pm

Business is one of the highest paying sectors in Canada’s recovery; IBU is opening doors for a diverse pipeline of students to take their rightful place.

IBU (international Business University )is proud to host its summer Virtual Live Open House on Wednesday, June 1st from 12 pm-1 pm and 7pm-8pm. In keeping with IBU’s mission to make higher education more accessible to a diverse pipeline of students, the Virtual Live Open House is a space to learn more about acquiring one of the most reputable degrees in the professional world, the Honours BComm, through a digital door open to anyone, anywhere.
The exciting open house format offers students access to industry-connected faculty members and thought leaders in the ever-changing higher education space, all of whom constitute the founding team of IBU, Ontario’s first independent, student-focused university. Information regarding scholarships and financial aid offerings will be offered alongside the distinguishing factors of IBU’s learning experience—1-on-1 mentorship, no-interest loans, and flexible learning timelines that culminate in a full degree within three years.

‘We look forward to the live open house event as a chance to connect with students directly, to offer them personal interactions with faculty and enrollment staff’ says Joanne Shoveller,  President and Vice-Chancellor of IBU. ‘This is a consequential decision in shaping their future; we want to make sure every prospective student has what they need for full consideration.’

Ensuring needs are met on a student-by-student basis characterizes the core of IBU’s philosophy. Their Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology orients students toward one of the most lucrative career paths in the field of business. Over the course of 120 credit hours, students enjoy small classes that are capped at 30 students, personalized curricula with accessible academic advisors, and one-on-one mentoring support. Gaining business knowledge, soft skills, and technical acumen, every student earns an education that’s correlated to the immediate needs of the industry as it stands.

A tailored learning journey brings a student through the degree completely prepared to be a change-maker in the sector of their choosing. But that preparation isn’t fully successful until it’s fully accessible. IBU is, therefore, determined to work with students to resolve any impediments to their academic involvement, financial or otherwise. With an unmatched financial aid package, IBU is able to defe r up to 100% of a student’s tuition and book fees. Their interest-free financial aid offering makes the program one of the most economic offerings in the education space, and qualifying students can have up to 25% of the program cost waived. 
‘The path to a high-earning career shouldn’t come with a financial barrier that prevents students from the support they need to enter those careers,’ says McTiernan. ‘From the beginning, IBU was meant to reconsider the way the economics of education fall on students’ shoulders; our non-profit status ensures that all surplus revenues will be reinvested in the students and in the programs.’ 

Students and professionals who are interested in attending the Virtual Live Open House are able to reserve their virtual seats online. Upon registration, they’ll be entered for a chance to win up to a $2,500 bursary towards their first-year courses and an exclusive dinner at 360 CN Tower. 

About International Business University

Ontario’s first independent, not-for-profit university, IBU stands on the pillars of small class sizes, personalized and industry-focused curricula, and shorter learning timelines. Backed by faculty with extensive experience and success in their fields, IBU connects a diverse array of career-ready graduates with Canada’s in-need employers.

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