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India successfully tests anti-radiation indigenously developed Air to Surface Rudram-II missile

India on Wednesday successfully flight tested anti-radiation indigenously developed Air to Surface RudraM-II missile from Su-30 MK-I off the Odisha coast. The flight test met all the trial objectives, validating the propulsion system, control and guidance algorithm, DRDO said in a post on social media platform X.

The missile, Rudram, is India’s first indigenously developed anti-radiation weapon system and it was test-fired by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), officials said.

They said the missile, having a speed of Mach two or twice the speed of sound, is capable of bringing down a wide-range of enemy radar systems, communication networks and air defence systems.

The test has established India’s capability to develop long range air-launched anti-radiation missiles.

Three years ago, DRDO successfully tested the first generation of Rudram missile. Officials said the missile picks up signals from radiation emitting platforms and systems and neutralises them.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the DRDO on successful test firing of the missile, calling it a “remarkable achievement”.

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