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Inflation, Gas Prices, ‘Freedom Convoy’ Top Canada’s ‘Rage Index:’ Pollara Strategic Insights Survey

Pollara Strategic Insights has launched the Rage Index, a new monthly tracker measuring the mood of Canadians regarding their governments, the economy, and current events. The inaugural Rage Index shows a country that is grumpy – but where intense rage is limited to a vocal minority.

Across the six questions forming the Rage Index, an average of 49% of Canadians report being annoyed or angry – but this includes just 14% who are very angry. Frustration about the type of changes happening in Canada and the latest stories in the news is especially widespread.

When asked about specific news stories, inflation, gas prices, and the trucker convoy are flashpoints of anger, with the majority also annoyed or angry about airport delays and the housing market.

The Rage Index also identifies which groups are most angry. At the moment, anger is highest among residents in the Prairie provinces, middle aged Canadians, lower income earners, and those born in Canada. Men and women score comparably on the Rage Index, as men are more angry about governments and women are more angry about economic issues.

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