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June chaar, 400 paar’ will be a reality, says Rajasthan CM

Jaipur, May 31: Asserting that the people of India have immense trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma expressed confidence that ‘June chaar, 400 paar’ would be a reality.

CM Sharma also asserted that ‘Mission 25’ would be a grand success in Rajasthan and the BJP would make a clean sweep on all Lok Sabha seats. “The BJP won all seats in the 2014 and 2019 General Elections and we will win all seats in 2024 too,” he said in an exclusive interview with IANS on Friday.

CM Sharma said that the citizens have huge trust in the leadership of PM Modi as they have seen a rising India after 2014. “They know that the Prime Minister delivers on his promises. They have confidence in his policies as they have seen them being implemented. Be it welfare schemes for the poor, development schemes, border security or freedom from terrorism and Naxalism. “They have seen the rising stature of India globally. So, they trust the PM and looking at their confidence, I can say that ‘June chaar, 400 paar’ will be a reality,” he asserted.

Talking about his government’s performance and the PM’s comment at an election rally that they had just seen the trailer of the Bhajanlal government, CM Sharma said, “The people of Rajasthan trusted the BJP and gave it a big mandate in the Assembly polls. “Soon after coming to power, we fulfilled 40-45 per cent of our poll promises. We will meet the expectations of the people and our government will work towards fulfilling the rest of the commitments made in our election manifesto. “That is why the PM said that it was just the trailer. By fulfilling the remaining promises, Rajasthan will touch new heights.” Asked about the party’s future plans for the state, he said, “Just wait and watch. We will take major action to eradicate corruption and crime. There will be big ticket projects aimed at generating new jobs.

“We are looking at tourism, manufacturing and mining among other sectors, to script a strong growth story and to create new jobs.”

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