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Jury Acquits Umar Zameer in First-Degree Murder Trial of Toronto Police Officer Jeffrey Northrup 

Umar Zameer has been acquitted of all charges, including first-degree murder, in connection with the death of Toronto police officer Det.-Const. Jeffrey Northrup nearly three years ago. The jury reached their verdict on the fourth day of deliberations, prompting tears from Zameer and his family members in the courtroom.

Zameer had pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder following an incident where he ran over Northrup with his car in an underground parking garage beneath Toronto City Hall on July 2, 2021. Northrup and his partner were in plain clothes, investigating a stabbing that night.
The jury’s decision indicates that the Crown failed to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Zameer had the intent to kill Northrup, a requirement for both first and second-degree murder convictions.

“I never meant any of this to happen,” Zameer expressed outside the courthouse. “I am sorry for what has happened.”
Zameer also expressed gratitude towards Canada for ensuring justice in his case, despite initial worries about his family’s decision to move to the country.

Nader Hasan, Zameer’s defense lawyer, emphasized that while Sunday was not a day for celebration, it was a day for relief as the justice system had functioned properly. Hasan emphasized that the court had determined Zameer was not a criminal and that the incident was an unfortunate accident, not a criminal act.
In contrast, Margaret Northrup, the wife of the deceased officer, expressed disappointment with the verdict, stating that her primary desire since the beginning was for accountability.
The trial’s outcome underscores the complexities of the case and the challenges in proving criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

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