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Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe costar Tirthanand Rao drinks poison, attempts suicide

Comedian Tirthanand Rao attempted suicide for the second time. He featured in Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe with Kapil Sharma.

Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe costar and comedian Tirthanand Rao attempted suicide on Tuesday. During a LIVE Facebook session, he revealed that he is in debt and drank poison in order to kill himself. He also claimed that he has been ‘living in’ with a woman who has blackmailed him and ‘exhorted ‘ money from him. He said that the said woman is responsible for his current state. In the video, he took the bottle of insect repellant and drank it after pouring it into a glass.
Tirthanand Rao said, “I am in debt of Rs 3-4 lakh because of this woman. I have known her since October last year. She had filed a police complaint against me in Bhayandar and I didn’t even know for what reason. Then she would also call me and say she wanted to meet.” He said that if anything happens to him, the said woman is responsible.

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