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Karnataka government bans release and broadcast of Annu Kapoor-starrer ‘Hamare Baarah’

The Congress party-led Karnataka government has banned the release and broadcast of the upcoming film titled Humare Baarah in the state for two weeks or until further notice. The state government has alleged that the release of Humare Baarah would create communal tension and the authorities have made this decision after considering requests from several minority organisations and delegations and after watching the trailer. The decision taken is in accordance with the Karnataka Cinema Regulations Act, 1964 under Sections 15(1) and 15(5).

On the other hand, Bombay High Court has given permission for the release of the film in Maharashtra. The permission is given to the filmmakers on the condition of removing two objectionable dialogues from the film. Two days ago, the Bombay High Court had put a stay on the release of this film. The movie is releasing in cinemas today, June 7, worldwide.

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