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Multicultural community leader Sharifa Khan fully supports Ana Bailão’s candidacy to be Toronto’s first female mayor

A new era of revolution is coming to Toronto.: Ana Bailão, who has over 20 years of senior leadership experience in government, private and non-profit sector governance, looks forward to making the city more livable, inclusive and affordable.

Recently, Ms. Sharifa Khan, an influential community leader in the multicultural community, has declared her full support for Ana Bailão’s candidacy for mayor of Toronto.

“I have known Ana for many years. She is passionate, smart, authentic and genuine.” Sharifa Khan said, “The community loves her and supports her.”

With over 20 years of senior leadership experience in government, private and non-profit sector governance, Ana Bailão dedicated her career to developing innovative partnerships between industry, non-profits and government to address society’s greatest challenges.

“As an immigrant from Portugal, I love the diversity of the City of Toronto, and during my tenure, I deeply understand the importance of getting access to reliable city services.” Ana said, “I hope I can make a more positive difference in everyone’s lives.”

As a former City Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Ana was known as someone who could get things done and established a reputation for being firm but fair. As the first politician to fully manage the affairs of Toronto’s housing portfolio, she has an unrivaled record in the field. Now, she hopes to make the city more livable, inclusive and affordable, so she is considering to run as the mayor of the city of Toronto.

“I strongly wish that Ana can run, because I have talked to a lot of people in the community about her, and everyone thinks she really cares about our lives.” Sharifa Khan said, “Now it is about time that we have a female person as the mayor of the city of Toronto.”

Sharifa Khan expressed the hope that more people will pay attention to this election and support Ana Bailão, as our community needs a visionary, experienced, and proactive female leader to make this land more diverse and better.

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