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‘Not ordinary election’: PM Modi writes letter to NDA candidates ahead of first phase of Lok Sabha polls

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote personal letters to all National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidates contesting in the first phase of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. This initiative forms part of a comprehensive strategy by the BJP to ensure widespread dissemination of the PM’s message across constituencies. According to the information, candidates expressed their delight at receiving the letter and pledged to take the PM’s words to every voter within their respective constituencies.

What did PM write in letter?
“Through this letter, I would like to tell the people of your constituency that this is not an ordinary election. Families across India, especially the senior members, would remember the difficulties they have gone through in the 5-6 decades of Congress’ rule. In the last 10 years, the quality of life of every section of society has improved, with many of these troubles removed. Yet, a lot more is still to be done and this election will be decisive in our mission to ensure a better life for everyone,” the PM wrote in the letter.

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