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‘One Candidate Stands Out:’ Former PM Stephen Harper Endorses Pierre Poilievre To Be Conservative Party Next Leader

Canada’s former prime minister Stephen Harper says Conservative leadership candidate, Pierre Poilievre, is the best shot at leading the party to victory in the next federal election.

“That’s how we win the next federal election, and in my opinion, Pierre has made by far the strongest case,” Harper said in a tweet.

“He’s (Pierre Poilievre) been talking about the issues, especially the economic issues, that matter.”

“In the past several years, he’s been our party’s most vocal and effective critic of the Trudeau Liberals,” said Harper, who implied Poilievre’s advocating economic issues like inflation and debt.

“He’s proposing answers rooted in sound Conservative ideas, but ones adapted for today’s realities.”

Harper also said Poilievre recognizes “the need to fix the institutions that are failing Canadian families.”

“Prime Minister @stephenharper led Canada through turbulent economic times, balanced the budget, and made life more affordable for Canadian families,” Poilievre said in response to Harper’s message.

“I was proud to serve in his Cabinet, and it’s a big honour to have his support in this leadership race.”

Conservative Party members will elect their new leader on September 10, 2022.

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