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Ontario Liberal Plans On Removing The HST Off Prepared Meals Until $20; Cutting Transit Fares To $1 Per Ride

 Steven Del Duca spent the morning speaking with voters in Milton about the Ontario Liberal plan to make life more affordable for families. 

The Ford Conservatives want to waste $10 billion on a 60-kilometre highway that will only save a handful of travellers just seconds on their commutes. Ontario Liberals will make life more affordable by: 

  • Removing the HST off prepared meals until $20;
  • Cutting transit fares to $1 per ride;
  • Boosting the Old Age Security by $1,000 per year;
  • Increasing the minimum wage to $16 an hour and consulting on the implementation of a living wage that reflects the cost of living in its design.
  • Making child care discounts retroactive, giving parents an average of $2,750 per child; and
  • Delivering $10 a day before and after school care by September.

Ontario Liberals have made dozens of trips to public transit stops and restaurants, speaking with thousands of Ontarians about our plan to make life more affordable.

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