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Ontario NDP Plans On Reducing Class Sizes; Establishing $20 Minimum Wage By 2026


Andrea Horwath and the NDP have released the full costing for their platform, which shows key investments in health care, home care and long-term care, housing and making life more affordable.

“The NDP has an affordable, realistic plan to make life better for people,” said Horwath. “Together, we can fix what matters most to people — like making life more affordable, and helping people get the health care and home care they need.”

“The past two years have been incredibly difficult for people, and our costing reflects the urgency needed to fix the mess that Doug Ford is leaving behind,” added Catherine Fife, NDP candidate for Waterloo and critic for Finance. “Where Doug is only looking out for his buddies, the NDP are here to make life better and more affordable for everyone.”

The NDP will make investments where people need it the most:

The NDP fiscal plan will make sure that the richest pay their fair share, while middle-income Ontarians feel relief:

“The NDP is the party of working folks and everyday families. Our platform and where we’ve chosen to invest matches our values.”

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