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Open the Skies to Amritsar- Poilievre will fight to establish direct flights between Canada and Amritsar

OTTAWA, ON — The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of
Canada and the Official Opposition, announced today he will fight to establish
direct flights between Canada and Amritsar.
Since Punjabi Canadians started coming to Canada in the 1880s, they have made
an enormous contribution to our country. Many Punjabi Canadians still have strong
familial, economic and cultural ties to the Punjab region.
Canada once had direct flights to Amritsar in the Punjab region. Amritsar is a
hugely important city for all Sikhs and is the home of the holiest site in Sikhism –
the Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib. Punjabi Canadians could
visit their family and friends, effortlessly conduct business and visit religious
landmarks like the Golden Temple.
However, this flight link was cancelled, and Punjabi Canadians have been calling
on the federal government to deliver direct flights between Amritsar and Canada
ever since. “But even after years of activism from the Punjabi community, the
Liberal government has failed to fight gatekeepers and open the skies to Amritsar,” said Pierre Poilievre, the Leader of the Official Opposition and the Conservative
In 2022, Trudeau signed an Open Skies Agreement with India that abandoned
Punjabi Canadians. Travelers wishing to go to Amritsar often have to wait an
additional seven hours once they arrive in India or face an 8-10 hour drive to reach
Punjab state.
“We need common sense,” said Poilievre. “We have the largest Punjabi diaspora
anywhere in the world. Direct flights to Amritsar exist from locations like London,
UK and Milan, Italy, where the Punjabi population is smaller. Punjabi Canadians
are one of the fastest-growing population groups in Canada. There is a clear case
for bringing home these direct flights that I am working with stakeholders to
establish,” said Poilievre.
Poilievre has been fighting hard, advocating for Punjabi Canadians and working to
bring home flights from Amritsar. As part of his efforts, Poilievre has:

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