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Pakistan top court rejects Former PM Imran Khan’s claims of regime change conspiracy

Pakistan’s top court has categorically rejected former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s narrative of a foreign conspiracy of a regime change that led to his ouster from power, stating the actions undertaken by then deputy speaker National Assembly, then PM and President as unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan gave its detailed judgment in the deputy speaker ruling case, negating all claims of Imran Khan’s conspiracy narrative and declaring the whole narrative based on a false story and baseless political account.

The Supreme Court neither found any cogent, reliable and relevant evidence of the PTI’s conspiracy theory nor even found the-then Imran Khan government showing any interest in getting the matter probed and fixing those whom he and his party alleged of being the local handlers and partners to the conspiracy allegedly hatched and planed by the US.

The Supreme Court expressed its surprise to the fact that despite receiving the cipher on March 7, 2022 the government did not bother to bring the matter into any kind of investigation nor did it bring the matter in the sessions of the national assembly of Pakistan on 28th and 31st of March 2022.

“Also, the allegations levelled against the members of the opposition parties were not put to them. It was only on April 3, 2022 when the resolution of no-confidence was fixed for voting as per the orders of the day, that the law minister raised this matter for the first time before the National Assembly and asked the deputy speaker to give a decision on the constitutionality of the Resolution of No-Confidence (RNC),” read the detailed judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The court judgment also referred to the finding of the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting, which raised reservations over the communication recorded in the cipher was tantamount to foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal matters and advised for a suitable response as per diplomatic norms. However, the court judgment highlighted that NSC meeting minutes did not have any mention of RNC being moved by the opposition parties or by persons in Pakistan in conspiracy with a foreign state.

“No inquiry/investigation was ordered into the matter to ascertain the nature or extent of involvement of any person in Pakistan for seeking or receiving the support of a foreign state to move the RNC,” read the supreme court judgment.

The Supreme Court judgment is a serious major damage to Imran Khan’s ongoing campaign against the sitting government and the military establishment, who he blamed and lashes out in public gatherings for being partner in the international conspiracy of regime change led by the US to oust his government.

Imran Khan’s social media campaign and public gatherings are seen with his supporters targeting the government and the military establishment for not supporting and siding with him.

While the court’s judgment goes completely against Imran Khan’s narrative and demands for early elections; Khan refuses to accept it and vows to continue his narrative until his demands of early elections in the country are met.

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