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Peel to advocate for provincial support on key issues for residents and businesses

 A Region of Peel delegation consisting of the Regional Chair and members of Regional Council will be attending the 2022 Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference, August 14-17 in Ottawa. The Region participates annually in this AMO’s premier event, which provides Ontario municipalities with a forum for conversation with provincial decision-makers regarding ongoing challenges and with opportunities for collaboration and learning through numerous workshops and information sessions.

The Region of Peel delegation will meet with Ontario ministers and senior staff as well as opposition party leaders to discuss matters impacting Peel and find solutions for the community’s most challenging issues, such as affordable housing, health, municipal fiscal responsibility, and climate change.

The Region’s delegation will be meeting with several provincial leaders, including:

The delegation will also be meeting with ministers and officials from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

Visit the Region’s Advocacy webpage for an overview of the issues and challenges that will be Peel’s focus at this year’s conference.

Nando Iannicca, Regional Chair, said, “The Region of Peel delegation is looking forward to attending AMO 2022 to meet and work collaboratively with provincial officials and opposition leaders on Peel’s challenges. We will be providing thoughtful, impactful and collaborative solutions to move the Region’s residents and businesses forward. Working with our provincial partners, we must build stronger, together, during these very challenging times, to ensure a healthy, connected and resilient region at the heart of our province.”

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