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PM Modi asserts BJP’s growing influence in south, calls for independent agency action

During an interview with Malayalam news channel Asianet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised the importance of investigative agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) functioning without interference. This statement comes amidst allegations from the opposition regarding the alleged misuse of these agencies by the government. PM Modi dismissed accusations of the ruling party using investigative agencies to stifle dissent within the opposition, asserting that these agencies must be allowed to carry out their duties independently.

Congress candidate announcement delay
Taking a swipe at Congress, PM Modi remarked on the delay in announcing the party’s candidate for the Amethi seat. He suggested that the Congress may field senior leader Rahul Gandhi from another seat after polling in Wayanad on April 26, indicating a lack of confidence in retaining the constituency in Kerala.

Veiled swipe at Congress leadership
The PM also indirectly criticised former Congress president Sonia Gandhi, noting that senior leaders of the party are opting for Rajya Sabha seats over contesting in Lok Sabha elections.

Confidence in BJP’s performance in South
Expressing confidence in the BJP’s performance in southern states, PM Modi anticipated an increase in the party’s vote share.

Focus on Kerala’s political landscape
In Kerala, PM Modi highlighted the dissatisfaction among Christians towards both the Congress-led United Democratic Front and the CPM-led Left Democratic Front. This observation underscores the BJP’s efforts to appeal to the Christian community in the state, which holds significant electoral sway in several constituencies.

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